Sunday, 25 September 2011

Harrier time (20/9/11)

The harrier at Burpham, just north of Arundel, had been identified as a Pallid Harrier so I had to go for a look as this would only be my 2nd in Britain after the distant difficult male on the Isle of Sheppey years ago.

Initially I followed the map to The Burgh but this turned out to be totally the wrong place although it did yield 20+ Grey Partridges and a Wheatear.  I then found the right place which turned out to be only a few hundred yards from the car!
Eventually I caught a glimpse of a ring-tailed Harrier disappearing into the valley.  I called it out and a few moments later the juvenile Pallid Harrier gave a cracking view as it floated over the base of the valley just above the ground.  Could see the "boa" on its neck and the gorgeouse unmarked orange underparts.  It proceeded to fly around the hill we were stood on then disappeared from view.

A while later it flew over the other side of the hill and appeared, a bit more distantly, over the further fields.

At one point it landed briefly in the field.

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