Sunday, 25 September 2011

A grand day out (19/9/11, Sturt Pond & Pennington - Normandy Marshes)

As there were good birds to be found in the area I made another visit today.

I first went to Sturt Pond and walked up the side of the pond where I found the juvenile Sabine's Gull showing very well.  The bird was initially swimming up and down amongst the other gulls, then it started preening and finally rested up on the bank.  In amongst the gulls were at least 30+ Mediterranean Gulls of all ages.

Next onto Pennington marshes where one of the first waders I clapped my eyes on was a Little Stint feeding on the mud.   I then walked around to Normandy Marsh which was quite a stretch and saw the 1w Grey Phalarope along with another Little Stint.  I couldn't, however, find any Curlew Sandpipers.

Other good birds in the area included:

15 Eider
4 Greenshank
4 Mediterranean Gulls

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