Friday, 26 October 2012

West Sussex

I needed to spend a couple of days looking after my father after an operation.

On day two he seemed to be OK and I went for a quick walk down to Mewsbrook Park Lake where Mediterranean Gull's can be regular.  There were none there so I had a look at the swimming pool roof - none there and then had a quick look at the beach - none there.

On the way back a bird flew up from the grass in front of the houses opposite the swimming pool - it turned out to be a Black Redstart but before I could photograph it, it flew onto the roof of the house and I lost it.

Later, after lunch, I found out that a strange wheatear reported from Worthing the day before was now confirmed as a Desert Wheatear.  I said goodbye to Dad and then drove to the pier area and parked.  Getting out of the car the bird was found immediately being extremely close although it could be quite difficult to pick up against the shingle.  At one point it actually flew into a nearby shelter.

A very buffy wheatear with black legs, a blackish (flecked white) throat, all black tail and obvious white supercilium.  Based on the black areas being black rather than brownish and the background colour being sandy rather than brownish I would say the bird was probably and adult autumn male.

NE Hants RSPB group to Farlington/Hayling

A pleasant day but the bird life was fairly un-interesting apart from 2 couple of Avocets on the lake (the water level was too high for good numbers of waders) and best of all a Short-eared Owl showing very well at the point.

Of other interest were a couple of Migrant Hawkers perching next to each other.