Sunday, 3 February 2013

Moor Green Lakes (2nd February 2013)

Some good views of the Pallas's Warbler in a tangle of bush in the river and two Barn Owls, one in each box.

Also a Little Egret and some cracking views of Goldcrest which fed in a tree only a few inches from my nose!

Moor Green Lakes (12/13th January 2013)

On the 12th went to see the reported Yellow-browed Warbler which was eventually seen on the Hampshire side of the river near the conveyor belt.  Although not seen well I took everyones word for it that it was a Yellow-browed Warbler.

The following day news had come out that the bird was in fact a Pallas's Warbler - so I had to go and have another look.

Being fairly elusive I did see it on the Berkshire side of the river but it was mostly on the Hampshire side of the river.  At one point is showed very nicely feeding on the bank of the river where at last I saw the median crown stripe but still not the lemon rump.

The Barn Owl was showing in his box