Thursday, 25 July 2013

Amberley Wildbrooks (21/07/2013)

Another scorching day and I went to visit my father in order to see his photographs from holiday.  We went to the wildbrooks to look for dragonflies and although it started slowly, it did get better.

There was an unidentified Emerald dragonfly near the entrance, plenty of Azure and Common Blue Damselflies, Four-spotted Chaser, Emperor, lots of Emerald Damselflies, a fair number of Variable Damselflies, at least 3 Brown Hawkers (including an ovipositing female), Blue-tailed Damselfly, Large Red Damselfly and best of all a Golden Ringed Dragonfly.

Warren Heath (20/07/2013)

I actually made two visits (the second one into the early evening), but the first wasn't as good as the second because the sun wasn't out.

I am pretty sure that I saw at least two Brilliant Emeralds but could only get brief views of the diagnostic face pattern - note to self: Get yourself in a position where you have time to view the dragonflies flying towards you along the bank.

There were quite a few Downy Emeralds, an Emperor and a couple of Four-spotted Chasers.

In the early evening I had great views of a Southern Hawker by the broken down building on the western lake.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New Forest / Southampton (14/7/2013)

Not much action at first because I started early.  Birds were more of a feature with Grey Wagtail, at least 2 Redstarts and a male Siskin.

As the temperature soared the first dragonflies started to become active and I saw at least 3 Golden-Ringed Dragonflies, a few Keeled Skimmers, a couple of Small Red Damselflies and eventually 2 male Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly.

I then moved onto Southampton Common boating lake (although it took a while to get there because I had chosen the day when the Race for Life was on the common so they closed the road I needed to go down).  At the lake there were 3 male Red-veined Darters which showed very well landing on the side of the lake.  The lake also had at least 2 male Emperors.

Thursley Common - Moat Pond / Basingstoke Canal (13/07/2013)

Tried for Brilliant Emerald but there was only a couple of Downy Emeralds, one of which actually landed on me - difficult to photograph though when any movement would have frightened it off.

I then moved onto the Basingstoke Canal near Fleet but once again could only find Downy Emeralds.  There was a female Adder on the canal path and also a couple of White Admirals

Monday, 8 July 2013

Warren Heath (07/07/2013)

When I found the lakes (the hard way) I spent a couple of hours looking for Brilliant Emeralds.  They were plenty of Four-spotted Chasers, Downy Emeralds, Common & Azure Damselflies, a probable Golden-ringed Dragonfly, Large Red Damselfly and a few Keeled Skimmers.

I found a spot overlooking one of the lakes where I tried to pick up a Brilliant Emerald without much success.  The funniest thing was I was sitting on a dead tree trunk overlooking the lake and suddenly it have way dumping me partially in the lake.

I Kingfisher was noted a few times over the lake.

Whixall Moss (30/06/2013)

Eventually got around to the long trek north to the moss.  On arrival, although it was quite breezy, the weather was fairly decent.  Walking to the right place I flushed a Hobby which later showed nicely overhead.  Also I saw a pair of Curlew which got very agitated when a Buzzard flew over.

Eventually reached the right pools and eventually pinned down a White-faced Darter (a new species for me).  When it flew over the pond the local Four-spotted Chasers chased it around the pool.

I managed to get a few shots when the darter landed on the far side of the pool but then after a while waiting it flew over to my side of the pool and landed a few inches from me.  I then got some much better shots.