Thursday, 31 December 2009

31st December 2009

My final trip out for the year - locally to Moor Green Lakes.

The usual species you would tend to see at this time of year including 17 Goosander, a few mixed ducks, fair number of gulls and a few Barnacle geese.

Couldn't find the Barn Owl or any Little Owls though!


Thursday, 10 December 2009

6th December 2009 (Theale)

The final NE Hants RSPB trip of the year and when I got up it didn't look very hopeful - there was torrential rain and a howling gale, so first thing was I got soaked taking stuff out to the car.

On arriving at the car park the rain suddenly stopped! A few Redwings around the car park.

We first walked along the west/north-west side of the main pit and under the motorway to view Moatlands. On the west side I could just make out the Peregrine on the far bank on its favourite perch on the electricity pylon. You could only see its head! On the other side of the motorway was a distant Red Kite.

At Moatlands were started searching for the Long-tailed Duck. The usual species were seen and after walking the whole of the southern bank we still couldn't find the duck.

We walked back to the sailing club and then I started searching with my scope to the island we had just left. The Long-tailed Duck was feeding between the island and the southern bank.

I got everyone onto it although the views were in short spurts as the bird was almost continously diving.

We then walked back to the car park for lunch. After lunch we started with 5 people, then it became 4 and then finally 3. The only species of note were 3 Egyptian Geese