Thursday, 27 March 2014

Kent is King (23/03/2014)

I had a great day in Kent despite the M20 being closed between J8 and J9.

First stop was Dungeness where I quickly scoped the Black-throated Diver on the far side of the new diggings and then down to the lighthouse where I walked to the patch.  I scanned the path for the Glaucous Gull but there was no sign, however, there was the bonus of a 1st winter Iceland Gull - a very white individual.

I then strode over to the fishing boats bumping into a pair of Wheatears on the way.  Scanning the beach didn't reveal the Glaucous Gull but then walking a bit further along to a couple of fishermen I found the 1st winter Glaucous Gull sitting on the beach with a couple of Herring Gulls.

I reeled off a quick couple of shots and then the bird took flight and appeared to head over towards the patch.  I followed but scanning didn't reveal it.  I was told it sat on the roof before flying down the beach and I never saw it again.

I then drove over to the RSPB reserve, but didn't stay long because my quarry, a couple of Tree Sparrows, were seen quickly on the feeders by the toilets.

I then drove over to Ramsgate cemetery where I was the only birder and eventually I pinned down the  Hume's Yellow-browed Warbler which showed quite nicely on the drive leading up to the entrance.  Also here were quite a few Rose-ringed Parakeets which showed extremely well.

Final stop was Stodmarsh which was rather muddy but on arrival I had a fly past Bittern, then 6 Marsh Harriers including a male and finally at the point of the path where I could no go no further there was a drake Garganey on the flood.

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