Monday, 10 March 2014

Combe Wood/Bury Down (08/03/2014)

At Bury Down the Corn Buntings were quite vocal and I saw at least 5 individuals as well as 3 male Yellowhammers.

At Combe Wood the Willow Tit's were being very elusive, the best I could do was hearing one briefly, although I did pick up 2 Marsh Tits.

One the way back home I drove down the Combe Wood valley and had to turn around because of flooding - good idea.  I parked up and nonchalantly walked along the road and then hear a Marsh Tit.  On the side of the road I found the Marsh Tit then two other birds came to my attention and the buffy underparts indicated possible Willow Tit.

I followed the birds along the road and then finally they both started calling - classic Willow Tit call.  One of them showed extremely well down to a few metres.
By the way I managed to acquire a puncture on this trip with required a) a puncture repair which didn't work and b) a new tyre.

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