Monday, 27 February 2012

South coast again (26/02/2012)

First stop was Harbridge where I had to wait for the fog to clear before finding any swans.  Eventually found a field that contained lots of Mute Swans and 4 Bewick's Swans (2 adults, 2 juveniles) and a few Barnacle Geese but no Whooper Swan.

Next to Stanpit Marsh where a tried for the Spotted Sandpiper but it was nowhere to be found.  I then walked around the marsh but had no luck with the Water Pipit either.

I then went to Mudeford and picked up the Great Northern Diver and Long-tailed Duck extremely far out - probably due to the amount of jet skiing going on!  I had another quick look at for Spotted Sand again on the way back - no luck.

Next onto Farlington Marshes where there was no sign of the Green-winged Teal on the lake.  I stood around for quite a while seeing very little and then decided to have a walk down the stream where amazingly I bumped into the Green-winged Teal with a couple of Eurasian Wigeon.  Noted the vertical, instead of horizontal, white stripe and the lack of pattern around the head colours and did the decent thing and walked back to the lake to inform the other birders present.  However, by the time we got back to the stream it had vanished.  After another long wait I returned to the lake to check whether the bird was present or not - No.

I then decided to give up along with the other 2 birders present so we started walking back to the car park.  As I passed the gap where I could see the stream I had a perfunctory look and was amazed to see the Green-winged Teal had re-appeared.  We eventually got great views of the bird feeding in the southerly corner of the stream

I then made my way to Budds Fm SW but there was no sign of the Iceland Gull, just loads of BH Gulls.  I then dropped into Broadmarsh where I started scanning the gulls.  Eventually two other birders turned up and one of them picked up the 2w Iceland Gull in flight - I then managed to pick it up myself.  It spent a lot of time plunge diving and then finally made its way over to the shore where it briefly rested up before being flushed.  It then went back into the harbour and had a good old wash.

I then decided it was time to go home - I was getting very cold.

So, a bad start to the day was redeemed at the end.

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