Thursday, 2 February 2012

South coast sojourn (29/01/2012)

First stop was Gosport where the first gull I looked at was the Ring-billed Gull.  It showed very well, but as soon as I got my bread out it flew off!

I soon relocated it in the nearby creek along with an adult Mediterranean Gull.  It took to the air quite quickly again - off to get someone elses bread - it obviously didn't like mine

Next I dropped into Farlingtoin Marshes where the highlights were an Avocet and Water Rail on the pool and a Rock Pipit on the southern sea wall.  A large black bird disappearing into the distance could have been a Raven but I didn't tick it.

Next was Hayling Oyster Beds but the Shore Lark had chosen today not to appear so I was left with the bonus of 14 Black-necked Grebes in the harbour

Next stop was Warblington where the Cattle Egret wasn't in the field I saw it in last year, but after wandering around for a bit I found it another field with 2 Little Egrets a bit further north.

Final stop of the day was at Burpham where it was very cold.

I managed to see a few Grey Partridge, 2 Yellowhammers, a Red Kite and a distant Short-eared Owl but no Corn Buntings.

Suddenly, I spied the juv. Rough-legged Buzzard sitting on a green feeder.  It then dropped into a nearby field so I scooted along the track to try and get better views.  I just got to a position where I would have good views when my attention was distracted by a posh bloke speaking loudly on his mobile phone.  When I looked back the buzzard had disappeared and I couldn't relocate within an hour - I've no idea where it went.  As it was getting dark I can only assume it had nipped into a nearby bush or scrub to roost - how annoying!

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