Friday, 2 March 2012

Dinton In the Fog (02/03/2012)

Despite the horribly foggy conditions I reached Dinton just after sun-up :-)

I checked the old oak by Teal hide and the dead trees along the river but no sign of my quarry.  I then went over to Bittern hide but the fog was so bad I couldn't see the owl box.  From the hide 12 Snipe were feeding along the bund closest to the hide.

I then returned to the old oak and then saw a female Grey Wagtail feeding by the mill, then the almost parrot like call of a Brambling which I eventually got in the scope at the top of a tree.  Couldn't make out much colour - just enough to confirm it was one.  Another was calling nearby and the bird I could see looked quite agitated with its head feathers raised like a crest.

I then heard some tapping very close by and checking out the trees just next to me was the male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker tapping nonchantly at a broken off stump.  It then flew higher up into the tree until I lost it.  As I was returning to the car I heard the unmistakable drumming of the woodpecker in the old oak - a short, rapid burst of drumming.  I then got good, although brief views of the bird drumming until it made its way to the very top of the oak and then flew off over my head towards Sandford Lake.  I noticeable small bird in flight - almost resembling a finch in size and action!

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