Monday, 29 November 2010

Moor Green Lakes (28/11/10)

Up to 2 Common Redpolls had been reported at this site so, on another bitterly cold day, I went to the site and walked from the car park to the Colebrook Lake hide. However, at the hide all I could see were Siskins. I then continued onto the new diggings and saw the Barn Owl (178) sitting in the doorway of the owl box.

I then spoke to another birder who said he may have had a Scaup on the Grove Lake. I walked to this lake but careful scanning the Tufted Ducks didn't reveal anything that remotely looked like a Scaup.

I returned to the Colebrook Lake hide, and another birder and me stood checking out the mobile Redpolls that occasionally landed. Eventually 4 birds dropped into some trees by the main path abnd after scanning them one revealed itself to be obviously larger. Better views were obtained and we could see that it really did stand out being larged and much paler, although it was difficult to see the white bars on its back.

We both agreed that it was one of the Common Redpolls (179).

Also on the reserve was a flyover Buzzard and 13 Goosander.

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