Monday, 1 November 2010

Keyhaven to Oxey (31/10/10)

What started off as a reasonably bright day ended up being a pretty horrible day with a strong E wind and rain on and off. However, there was some good birding to be had.

I started off in the Pennington Lane car park and walked on the inland side to Keyhaven passing a very confiding Roe Deer feeding on the in-fill site.

A crest gave me the run around and I couldn't identify it to species.

At Keyhaven I was checking out the pipits on the foreshore when a falcon appeared from nowhere and made a grab for the pipits and missed. Unusually, then the falcon went and perches up on one of the yacht masts - it was a female/immature type Merlin (168). I then walked back towards Pennington in the teeth of a strong E wind.

At the Fishtail lagoon I happened on the 1st winter Grey Phalarope feeding at the eastern end. Showed basically grey upperparts with a few black feathers, dark

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