Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Bittern off more than I can chew! (07/11/10)

What a terrible pun for the title for this blog entry.

As the American Bittern had been showing well from the Walmsley Sanctuary in Cornwall on Saturday, I decided to make the 200 mile trip today.

I needn't have bothered!

A stupid couple of Pheasants decided that walking across the A303 was a good idea. One of them found out that it wasn't when half of it ended up on my cars front grille (taking out the number plate) and the other half flew over the roof!

At the sanctuary I crammed into the first of the hides and spent a couple of hours searching for the American Bittern with no luck. I evnetually made my way over to the tower hide and spent the next 4 hours scanning every nook and cranny for the bird to no avail.

Recompense came in lots of Fieldfares (172) and a solitary Whooper Swan (173).

The journey back was a nightmare - I was so tired and the drivers on the road extremely aggressive. I eventually got home at 9.00pm after buying a chinese in Hook.

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  1. Sorry you dipped out Kev,better luck next time.