Saturday, 24 May 2014

Kev scores, Green Park (22/05/2014)

When I got to work I stepped outside and heard what was possibly a Great Reed Warbler.  I rushed indoors and dialled up Great Reed Warbler on U Tube - a perfect match.  I got the news out on the Berks birds website and rushed to get my bins.  Got back to the area it was singing and heard it briefly but didn't get to see it.

I then had to retire to work and kept checking the berks website to see if someone could confirm it.  I then got the news I was waiting for - Marek Walford had confirmed it.  However, due to work commitments it wasn't until lunch time that I actually got to see the bird.

I will now have to put together a submission to the BBRC - never done this before.

I had reasonable views after work but couldn't get any decent photos - managed to record it singing on my camera.

This is the first national rarity I have ever found.

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