Sunday, 17 July 2011

Daventry Reservoir (13/07/11)

As soon as I looked at Birdguides I saw that a Greater Yellowlegs had been seen at the reservoir. I immediately jumped in the car and drove to Northamptonshire.

On arrival I paid my £2 and then proceeded to the reservoir and immediately scoped the bird. It was indeed Greenshank like with yellow orange legs that were muddied, strong streaking on the breast and an obvious eye-ring. I did notice quite a lot of white on the back when it stood preening but not having read up on the identification did I spot a problem with it.

I took a few snaps and then headed home. On arriving home I looked at my identification guides and saw that Greater Yellowlegs doesn't have white running up the back. Also one guide said that some Greenshanks can have yellowish legs. Alarms were ringing so I got onto the web and found out that indeed the bird had been re-identified as a odd looking Greenshank - bugger, all that way for a Greenshank!

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