Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Little Marlow GP (05/05/10)

A lunch time visit to eat my sandwiches and the first surprise was an Oystercatcher on the spit.

A distant Kingfisher (112) flew across the spit towards the Cormorant/Heron island but I couldn't find it in the scope.

The best bird was at first very distant - I thought at first it was another Red Kite but once in the scope I could see it was an Accipiter. The bird proceeded to approach the lake although it was never really close. However, based on the characteristics of the bird (large size, long rounded tale, powerful flight and large white undertail coverts) I identified the bird as a Goshawk (113), probably a female.

Wandered to the small ditch by the lake and saw my first Odonata of the year - an immature Large Red Damselfly

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