Thursday, 22 October 2009

18th October (Farlington/Hayling Oyster Beds)

Today was the North-East Hants RSPB group trip to the above sites.

Not a bad day starting with a good high tide roost on the lake in which the best birds were 4 Greenshank.

At least 4 different Water Rails were around the margins of the reeds, however, the highlight were about 50 Bearded Tits showing extremely well and calling constantly in the reeds right in front of the main path. Basically appeared to be mainly adults with the odd juvenile.

Walking around the reserver in a counter-clockwise direction there was a roost of 25 Little Egrets in the harbour (although lots of other birds were seens further around the walk).

As we reached the point I heard a Dartford Warbler and then one of our group said, "There it is". Unlike most Dartford Warblers this one was sitting right at the top of a bush, preening. It stayed there for a a good time but because the group was all strung out not everyone saw it.

However, their luck was in as it was seen sitting at the top of another bush, this time much further away but at least everyone got to see it (I think!).

The rest of the walk consisted of standard fare for Farlington although I did try and string a Garganey!

There were at least 4 Clouded Yellows around the reserve, at least one of which, I managed to photograph.

We then drove around to Hayling Island for lunch and then had a walk around the oyster beds. Highlights included a male Blackcap, a very obliging Lesser Whitethroat and a group of Red-breasted Mergansers fishing in one of the ponds.

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