Monday, 12 October 2009

11th October (Staines Moor)

Back to Staines for the second weekend running. This time the weather was bloody awful - very overcast with constant drizzle. A small group of birders were huddled around but not looking particularly hard.

I, therefore, had a walk around and eventually somebody spotted the bird disappearing into a nearby bush. While waiting for the bird to re-appear, 2 Rose-ringed Parakeets flew over calling.

I decided to look around the opposite side that everyone else was looking and while I was there another birder suddenly got onto the bird.

In awful visibility I managed some rear scope views of the juv/1w Red-backed Shrike. After making sure I had seen the bird I returned to where the other birders were and got much better views.

Noted, the horn bill with a dark tip, fairly striking bandit mask, reddish tail (1w not juv?), faint barring on underparts and buff edges to tertials.

On the way back to the car a flock of 6 and then a flock of 7 Rose-ringed Parakeets flew over.

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