Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Suffolk/Norfolk (12/09/09)

Left home at 4.40am and found that the best part of the M3 and M25 that I was travelling around was roadworks and unbelievably I managed to grind to a halt on the M25 at 6.00am in the morning :-(

I quite easily found my first stop which was Boyton Marshes and almost immediately got onto the Glossy Ibis on the right side of the track. It was seen to be loosely in the company of a Little Egret. Walked down to the sea wall to get a better view and the bird eventually flew to the left hand side of the path.

On the sea wall a warbler lurking in some brambles was a female Whitethroat. A Buzzard flew through before I left.

Next stop was Staverton Lakes but despite searching I only managed to find one Emerald dragonfly but have yet to identify it.

There was a Blue-tailed Damselfly and a couple of Migrant Hawkers. At one point I had a Kingfisher hovering like a giant hummingbird over one of the streams.

Next stop was the River Deben and this time I got lucky. In the sunny patches along the river I managed to find a Southern Hawker and at least 7 Willow Emeralds. Some crashing through the undergrowth on the other side of the river revealed a Muntjac Deer.

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