Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Suffolk (03/10/11)

At last! The Sandhill Crane originally seen in Scotland had now become within my reach as it had pitched down at Boyton in Suffolk.  I set my alarm early so to get there at first light but eventually reached the location 1/2 hour after sun up.

However, the bird was still on site and feeding reasonably close in a field at the end of Mill Lane.  What can you say - a large grey bird with a red patch on its head and a long dagger like bill.  However, it was a lifer and a British tick! It was busy feeding in the field mostly with its head down but looked up occasionally.

I then drove to Minsmere - what a mistake, it was dead!  4 Red-breasted Geese (escapes) amongst the Barnacle Goose flock was the oddest thing.  The only birds of note were 2 Little Egrets and 4 Ruff.  There was supposed to be a Garganey on the scrape but I couldn't find it.

Finally I went to Levington Creek where after a few minutes frustration I managed to get onto the moulting adult Dotterel which was amongst the large numbers of Golden Plover on the far side of the creek.

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