Sunday, 20 February 2011

Chipping Norton (19/02/11)

Decided to go for the dove today despite the horrible weather.

I got there without too much hardship and parked in the long stay car park in the town centre and then walked to The Leys. There didn't seem to be a huge number of birders about so it took a while to find anyone who had seen the bird.

I eventually saw the bird through someone else telescope. It was sitting in some trees some distance away with Wood Pigeons and was preening. I could see sufficient detail to say it was a Turtle Dove sp. [and as there is unlikely to be a Turtle Dove wintering here as well it must be the bird :-) ].

I went back to the car to get my scope but by the time I got back the bird had flown.

I then went around to where it may have flown to and was told that it showed in some trees before dropping down onto the ground. I waited around with 20 or so birders when suddenly it flew up into a tree. Before I could get my bins onto it, it flew off and I only managed to see the bird in flight.

I then spent the rest of the morning into the mid afternoon trying to find the bird myself but with no luck and most birders didn't seem to have any luck either.

In the area I also saw a Red Kite, a Sparrowhawk and a fair number of Collared Doves.

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