Monday, 24 January 2011

Around Hants (23rd January 2011)

First port of call was Walpole Park in Gosport. There were few gulls on the boating lake so I walked over to Haslar Creek. Scanning with my bins I spotted a good candidate for the bird I was looking for. I went and got my telescope and was proved to be correct - the Ring-billed Gull asleep on the mud. Could make out its pale eye and a couple of times it put its head out and showed the black band on the yellow bill.

Also on the mud was an adult Mediterrean Gull.

Next stop was Brownich where I walked down to the sea and then walked under the cliffs. There were lots of Brent Geese and as I was walking some more appeared from over the cliff and as luck would have it the Red-breasted Goose was amongst them. I hyper distinctive goose and very beautiful.

I then walked back to the car notching up 3 Bar-tailed Godwits. I met a couple on the way back and managed to get directions to Brownich Pond.

I drove and then walked to the pond but could find no sign of the reported Bittern.

Last stop of the day was Farlington Marshes but the species count wasn't particularly high, the highlights being:

Water Rail
2 Rock Pipits
Red-breasted Merganser
Little Egret

Year list: 94

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