Friday, 31 December 2010

Freemans Marsh, Hungerford (30/12/10)

I got home about lunch time from Mum & Dads and decided to make the 40 mile trip to Hungerford. I'm glad I went!

Walked over the canal then over to the stream and the Glossy Ibis (184) was seen immediately showing fantastically well on the stream. Sometimes the bird was within about 6 feet. I wish I had brought my good camera but had to make do with my little point and shoot.

I had a good hunt around for any Jack Snipe but couldn't find any.

Other nice birds here were a fly-over Red Kite, lots of Redwings, a Green Sandpiper (heard), Little Egret and a Kingfisher.

I then went over to Great Shefford but the location for the Great White Egret only held a couple of Little Egrets.

I continued on the road to Welford to try for the Dipper but only managed to see a Grey Wagtail. I understand the Dipper was seen very late on at about 4pm.

I drove back to Great Shefford to find the Little Egrets now tallied 3. I got back into the car and was just going to leave for home when I glanced over the field and noticed the Great White Egret had suddenly appeared. I got back out of the car and viewed the bird and got some terrible photos with muy point-and-shoot camera.

Drove back home with the car making quite a racket - need to take it to the garage tomorrow!!!

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