Monday, 30 November 2009

Brook (28/11/09)

Got up to a bright and cloudless morning and made my way down to Stockbridge and then Brook. Walked along a path to a house where the Spotted Sandpiper was seen immediately feeding on the lawn of the house.

The bird was showing fairly well so could make out the two toned bill, the yellow legs and just about could make out the unmarked tertials. Later on the bird moved to a better position and then these features could be seen much better.

The bird wagged its tail up and down as it walked about and one of the birders there, in a loud voice, said "see how it bobs its tail up and down - that's definitely a Spotted Sandpiper!". How about that for ID?

One endearing feature was when the bird found a worm it would rush off to the edge of either the river or the stream running through the garden and consume it there.

On the way home I nearly took out a Buzzard which had flown out of a roadside bush.

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